Schedule of inaugural T20 Global League announced


T20 Global League full schedule

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has announced the schedule of its inaugural T20 Global League, with five venues hosting opening weekend matches which will see all eight franchises in action.

The league starts with Cape Town Knight Riders taking on Pretoria Mavericks at Newlands on Friday, November 3. It will be followed by two double-headers on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a doubleheader every weekend, as well as several during the week as the league will hold 57 matches in the space of 44 action-packed days.

There are three rest/travel days, similar to the famous Tour de France cycle race schedule, to give squads some respite in a tournament that is going to test the endurance of all teams.

To add to the excitement, there is a one-off final between the top two finishers on the log and there will be no opportunity for the teams to get in through the back door of an eliminator or qualifier.

The final match of the league will be played on December 16 in Johannesburg.

Teams participating in the tournament:

Benoni Zalmi, Bloem City Blazers, Cape Town Knight Riders, Joburg Giants, Nelson Mandela Bay Stars, Durban Qalandars, Pretoria Mavericks and Stellenbosch Monarchs.

Here’s the schedule for the inaugural edition of South Africa T20 global league:

1.) Cape Town Knight Riders vs Pretoria Mavericks (Cape Town)- 3rd November, 18.30
2.) Stellenbosch Monarchs vs Johannesburg Giants (Paarl)- 4th November, 14.30
3.) Durban Qalandars vs Nelson Mandela Bay Stars (Durban)- 4th November,18.30
4.) Pretoria Mavericks vs Benoni Zalmi (Centurion)- 5th November, 14.30
5.) Bloem City Blazers vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Bloemfontein)- 5th November, 18.30
6.) Nelson Mandela Bay Stars vs Johannesburg Giants (Port Elizabeth)- 6th November, 18.30
7.) Cape Town Knight Riders vs Benoni Zalmi (Cape Town)- 7th November, 18.30
8.) Stellenbosch Monarchs vs Pretoria Mavericks (Paarl)- 8th November, 14.30
9.) Nelson Mandela Bay Stars vs Bloem City Blazers (Port Elizabeth)-8th November, 18.30
10.) Benoni Zalmi vs Durban Qalandars (Benoni)- 9th November, 18.30
11.) Johannesburg Giants vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Johannesburg)- 10th November, 18.30
12.) Durban Qalandars vs Bloem City Blazers (Durban)- 11th November, 14.30
13.) Nelson Mandela Bay Stars vs Benoni Zalmi (Port Elizabeth)- 11th November, 18.30
14.) Pretoria Mavericks vs Johannesburg Giants (Centurion)- 12th November, 14.30
15.) Stellenbosch Monarchs vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Paarl)- 12th November, 18.30
16.) Stellenbosch Monarchs vs Benoni Zalmi (Paarl)- 14th November, 14.30
17.) Bloem City Blazers vs Johannesburg Giants (Bloemfontein)- 14th November, 18.30
18.) Pretoria Mavericks vs Durban Qalandars (Centurion)- 15th November, 18.30
19.) Johannesburg Giants vs Stellenbosch Monarchs (Johannesburg)- 16th November, 18.30
20.) Bloem City Blazers vs Benoni Zalmi (Bloemfontein)- 17th November, 18.30
21.) Cape Town Knight Riders vs Nelson Mandela Bay Stars (Cape Town)- 18th November, 14.30
22.) Durban Qalandars vs Johannesburg Giants (Durban)- 18th November, 18.30
23.) Benoni Zalmi vs Pretoria Mavericks (Benoni)- 19th November, 14.30
24.) Stellenbosch Monarchs vs Bloem City Blazers (Paarl)- 19th November, 18.30
25.) Durban Qalandars vs Benoni Zalmi (Durban)- 21st November, 18.30
26.) Nelson Mandela Bay Stars vs Stellenbosch Monarchs (Port Elizabeth)- 22nd November, 14.30
27.) Pretoria Mavericks vs Bloem City Blazers (Centurion)- 22nd November, 18.30
28.) Cape Town Knight Riders vs Durban Qalandars (Cape Town)- 23rd November, 18.30
29.) Bloem City Blazers vs Nelson Mandela Bay Stars (Bloemfontein)- 24th November, 14.30
30.) Johannesburg Giants vs Pretoria Mavericks (Johannesburg)- 24th November, 18.30
31.) Stellenbosch Monarchs vs Durban Qalandars (Paarl)- 25th November, 14.30
32.) Benoni Zalmi vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Benoni)- 25th November, 18.30
33.) Johannesburg Giants vs Bloem City Blazers (Johannesburg)- 26th November, 14.30
34.) Nelson Mandela Bay Stars vs Pretoria Mavericks (Port Elizabeth)- 26th November, 18.30
35.) Benoni Zalmi vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Benoni)- 27th November, 18.30
36.) Cape Town Knight Riders vs Bloem City Blazers (Cape Town)- 28th November, 18.30
37.) Pretoria Mavericks vs Nelson Mandela Bay Stars (Centurion)- 29th November, 14.30
38.) Benoni Zalmi vs Stellenbosch Monarchs (Benoni)- 30th November, 14.30
39.) Durban Qalandars vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Durban)- 30th November, 18.30
40.) Pretoria Mavericks vs Stellenbosch Monarchs (Centurion)- 1st December, 14.30
41.) Johannesburg Giants vs Benoni Zalmi (Johannesburg)- 2nd December, 18.30
42.) Bloem City Blazers vs Stellenbosch Monarchs (Bloemfontein)- 3rd December, 14.30
43.) Nelson Mandela Bay Stars vs Durban Qalandars (Port Elizabeth)- 3rd December, 18.30
44.) Durban Qalandars vs Pretoria Mavericks (Durban)- 5th December, 14.30
45.) Johannesburg Giants vs Nelson Mandela Bay Stars (Johannesburg)- 5th December, 18.30
46.) Cape Town Knight Riders vs Stellenbosch Monarchs (Cape Town)- 6th December, 18.30
47.) Bloem City Blazers vs Pretoria Mavericks (Bloemfontein)- 7th December, 14.30
48.) Benoni Zalmi vs Nelson Mandela Bay Stars (Benoni)- 7th December, 18.30
49.) Cape Town Knight Riders vs Johannesburg Giants (Cape Town)- 8th December, 18.30
50.) Bloem City Blazers vs Durban Qalandars (Bloemfontein)- 9th December, 14.30
51.) Stellenbosch Monarchs vs Nelson Mandela Bay Stars (Paarl)- 9th December, 18.30
52.) Pretoria Mavericks vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Centurion)- 10th December, 14.30
53.) Benoni Zalmi vs Johannesburg Giants (Benoni)- 10th December, 18.30
54.) Durban Qalandars vs Stellenbosch Monarchs (Durban)-11th December, 18.30
55.) Nelson Mandela Bay Stars vs Cape Town Knight Riders (Port Elizabeth)- 12th December, 18.30
56.) Johannesburg Giants vs Durban Qalandars (Johannesburg)- 13th December, 18.30
57.) Final (16th December)- 18.30

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